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Monday, June 9th, 2008, posted by skg

from the You kick I catch dept.

CHICAGO, IL – JUNE 9, 2008 – Interzone Entertainment, parent company of Interzone Games and a BigWorld licensee, has announced its long-secret massively multiplayer online sports title, Interzone Futebol. The PC MMOG will first release in Portuguese for the Brazilian market, home to millions of avid futebol (soccer in the U.S.) fans and players, closely followed by international versions for worldwide release.”

Another BigWorld licensee opens it’s kimono this June with an MMO take on the little known athletic game – soccer. With so few real-world players of this arcane sports pastime, it is yet to be seen how this title will fare. A truly international development, with resources in sunny Australia, China, the US and Brazil all contributing to the game. Futebol!

Tianxia II Live – and videos to boot

Friday, June 6th, 2008, posted by skg

from the I want to play it but can’t understand it dept.

There are several newish videos available for viewers of TX2 who want to grok the game but unfortunately cannot read or write mandarin. For your enjoyment :

The original 2008 trailer, and

Weapons and skills across the TX2 classes, and

Showcases the numerous fashion options in TX2.

That’s all for the moment until someone let’s up on some server numbers from behind the silk curtain. Good luck Netease and Mr Ding.

6.6.08 – TX2 in da house

Friday, June 6th, 2008, posted by skg

from the Come on out we are ready to play dept :

No link as such, other than to announce that Tianxia II, the heavy mojo Chinese epic MMO from Netease launches today. Watch this space…