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Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) Online’s Unique Marketing ‘Tie-Up’

Sunday, August 31st, 2008, posted by ronniec

This post originally posted in Japanese by Yoshi on August 23rd 2008

We know gamers all over the world eat a lot of instant noodles and here in Japan, that can actually pay off in game! Hokuto No Ken (Fist of the North Star) Online Special Pork Instant Noodles – made by ACE COOK gives you a special in-game item voucher in every delicious bowl.

By typing in the redemption code found on the ticket, users can acquire the following special items in the in-game shop.

  • 1st prize: Kenshiro Army Suit (Jacket and Pants set) and in-game food item “Pork Noodles.”
  • 2nd Prize: Baby Piggy Jacket and in-game food item “Pork Noodles.”
  • 3rd Prize: Baby Piggy Pants and in-game food item “Pork Noodles.”

The campaign runs through the end of November 2008.

GungHo Entertainment
’s Hokuto No Ken Online is one of the first games from a BigWorld licensee to go commercial in Japan.

(C)1983 Buronson & Tetsuo Hara/NSP Approved No.EO-116
(C)2008 GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

《霸道OL》“亮剑”封测即将启动 / Badao OL will start the second beta

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008, posted by leig

From Dept.

Quick Comment:’Badao OL’ will start the second beta by the end of August. New content will be added in.

《霸道OL》是由灵智伟业巨资研发的首款3D 网络游戏游戏。以中国上古神话奇书——《山海经》为背景。营造了一个神奇浪漫的上古世界。将《山海经》里面的上古神仙、珍奇异兽都一一再现。让玩家拥有一次特殊的山海经之旅。
在第一次封测期间,官方收集了很多热心玩家提出的建设性意见和游戏B UG,为《霸道OL》进一步完善提供了大量切实有效的指导性信息。在停机维护的时间里我们对游戏进行完善,解决第一阶段封测中出现的问题和BUG;同时根据广大玩家朋友们的建议对游戏进行调整,我们相信在这第二阶段封测中《霸道OL》会以崭新的面貌欢迎更多玩家朋友们的到来。誓打造为中国玩家最想要的网络游戏!

BigWorld gets going in Russia with Cybertime

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008, posted by skg

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Hot on the heels of announcing a presence in Japan and Korea, BigWorld today announced the signing of the first license in Russia with Cybertime:


August 26, 2008

Cybertime System creating virtual cities with BigWorld Technology

(Moscow, Russia): BigWorld today announced a new deal with Russian based Cybertime System for an upcoming massively multiplayer online virtual world ‘Cyber Town’.

Cybertime System specializes in the creation of virtual cities in real time environments. In their new project ‘Cyber Town’ they are faithfully recreating entire city infrastructures including buildings, streets, shopping centres, banks and offices. Create your own avatar and living space to socialize with friends, participate in quests and games, interact with real-world businesses and even handle online banking and utility payments. Yeketerinburg and Moscow will be the first cities to go online with other international cities like London, Tokyo and New York planned for the future.

Wladislav Nitzak, Director of Cybertime System, commented, “Looking at the explosive growth of virtual worlds and broadband internet both here in Russia and around the world, we wanted to create a new space where people could both socialize and communicate with each other in familiar settings as well as gain the added value of being able to interact with local businesses on a whole new level. We want to move from strictly placing ads to an online-services model that benefits everyone.” He further added, “Partnering with BigWorld is instrumental in helping us to achieve our technological and business goals in the best and most cost efficient manner”.

In parallel to this, BigWorld publicly confirmed that they now have direct local presence in the European market, which is being steered by the newly appointed Business Development Manager Europe/Russia Mr. Mike Allenson. This recent expansion has again increased BigWorld’s local capabilities in foreign markets including the USA, China, Australia, Japan and Europe.

Mike is an experienced business development and public relations professional. His most recent role as Business Development Director with Moscow based publisher Nival Interactive afforded him the opportunity to work on several top-selling titles, most notably Heroes of Might and Magic V for Ubisoft.

“BigWorld Technology’s growth as a best-of-class MMO middleware has been astounding. I’m both glad and honored to be joining a company that is building the best possible MMO tech coupled with an intense focus on customer support. I’m looking forward to translating and extending our successes in Asia and the U.S. here to the European and Russian markets.”

About Cybertime System
Cybertime System was founded in 2007 by Wladislav Nitzak and Nikita Kormin. Based in Yekaterinburg, Russia, they have over 30 employees dedicated to creating and maintaining online, persistent virtual cities with a focus on social networking, communications and B2C interaction.
Cybertime Website

About the BigWorld Technology Suite

Comprised of the BigWorld Server Software, Content Creation Pipeline, 3D Client Engine Package, Live Management Tools & Instrumentation, BigWorld Technology Suite is the premier MMOG solution, providing all of the complex systems required to produce an engaging next-generation MMOG and Virtual Worlds.

About BigWorld Pty Ltd
BigWorld Pty Ltd was formed in 2002 to commercialize years of intense R&D, which started in 1999 and continues to this day. BigWorld Pty Ltd is a privately held company based in Australia that licenses its BigWorld Technology Suite middleware platform to game studios and publishers around the world that are looking to produce successful next generation Massively Multiplayer Online Games and Virtual Worlds.

BigWorld Website
BigWorld News Blog

Media Contact: Casey Gregory

五花马与仙侠网游《峥嵘天下》/ 17173 interviewed Cpegasus

Monday, August 25th, 2008, posted by leig

From,1.shtml Dept.

Quick Comment: 17173 interviewed Cpegasus about their brilliant full 3D MMO which is believed to be launched by the end of this year.

  目前,五花马正全力开发即时制大型多人网络全3D ARPG(动作角色扮演)游戏《峥嵘天下》。《峥嵘天下》的设计遵循Easy&Fun的设计原则,强调“成长与体验”的乐趣并辅以丰富而艺术的特效。游戏东方架空世界为游戏背景,充满东方文化气息的“仙侠”为内容,强调游戏战术策略为设计思想核心。画面表现采用了Full3D技术,通过此技术将更好的体现角色与场景的丰富与差异。逼真写实的画面效果,以及源自电影技法的镜头运用,将使整个游戏过程充满了动感和临场感。游戏内包括了战斗,收集(装备、秘籍),养成(法宝、神器、神兽培养),经营(帮会建设/个人商会),策略(大型互动阵营对抗/战场),探险(中小型多人合作副本)等,提供给玩家丰富的游戏体验。
  “《峥嵘天下》以‘仙侠’为内容主体表现,脱离了现有 MMORPG的打怪为中心的模式,强调了游戏策略娱乐性和设计思想核心”,五花马运营总监陈旭说道,“我们将继续提高自身对东方文化的深入理解和对华人世界的亲和把握,以期成为东方游戏创造的原动力,推进数字化互动娱乐事业在中国的发展,为中国网游走向世界尽一份绵薄之力!”
  《峥嵘天下》预计年底与广大玩家见面。(记者:17173 Aiaimao)

北斗の拳ONLINE ネットカフェサービススタート3か月連続キャンペーン

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008, posted by ronniec



2008年8月21日(木)メンテナンス終了後 ~ 9月18日(木)10:00まで



Gungho北斗の拳ONLINE 積極的なオフラインマーケティング (ゲーム雑誌とコラボ編)

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008, posted by ronniec

2008年8月9日(土)発売の「オンラインゲーム すごい攻略やってます。Vol.24」(双葉社)では、北斗の拳ONLINEが表紙を飾った!





©1983 Buronson & Tetsuo Hara/NSP Approved No.EO-116
©2008 GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.



Saturday, August 23rd, 2008, posted by ronniec


 本作は,原作「北斗の拳」を忠実に再現したというサザンクロスエリアや拳王エリアを舞台に,生業(なりわい)を身につけながら,世紀末の世界で己の生き様を刻んでいくという,世紀末サバイバルMMORPGだ。マウスを使っての戦闘は,その動かし方で必殺技が発動するなど,直感的なバトルが楽しめる。 正式サービス開始に伴い,同じく同日ジュドルショップ(アイテム課金ショップ)がオープンしている。バイクなどの乗り物や,有名キャラクター風衣装セットなど,世紀末の世界を生きるための注目のプレミアムアイテムが盛りだくさんだ。




プレミアムアイテム「スペシャルダンジョンキー」で「デビル・リバース」とも闘える。 このほか,ジュドルをチャージした額に応じて,オリジナルデザインのWebMoneyカード500円分(200名)や,コミック「北斗の拳」全巻(3名)が抽選でプレゼントされる,「北斗の拳ONLINE×漫画★全巻ドットコム×WebMoney」正式サービススタートキャンペーンや,公認ネットカフェ3か月連続のキャンペーン第一弾「獲得奥義ポイント50%アップキャンペーン」などが実施された。


(記事参考:4 Gamerより)