Salvatore & Schilling Speak – Copernicus and Big Huge Games

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ZAM has an interview with the esteemed RA Salvatore and Curt Schilling of 38 Studios. In it they discuss their reasoning in driving their linked RPG world from studio Big Huge Games into the Copernicus IP, before and not after their BigWorld powered MMO ships :

Salvatore: When I came in and started working with the 38 Studios team, it wasn’t to simply create a game. Our goal was to create an intellectual property based on a world. A big world. A world where you could do anything you wanted to do. Because of that, when we brought in the guys at Big Huge Games, it was very easy for them to understand their parameters. It’s almost like telling a King Arthur story; you know the tale and the type of tale it is, but there are dozens of different stories that you can create from the characters and settings that are there.

More over at ZAM.

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