Rock, Paper, Shotgun interviews WOT

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RPS talks to Mike Zhyvets, Technical Director of WOT :

RPS: Can you explain a bit about how the global war part of the game will work? What would an RPS clan get out of playing together in that mode?

Zhyvets: To make a long story short, let’s imagine a global map with persistent world divided into hundreds of provinces. At the very beginning, we will start from the eastern boards of Germany to Volga and from Scandinavian countries to Romania. There are several economic categories of provinces, from basic ones to “capitals” that will give most monetary benefits to their owners. Once per day clan masters declare attacks on neutral or enemy provinces and a corresponding number of battles are scheduled and take place accordingly. The bigger your clan is, the harder it gets to repel attacks and expand your empire. Clans can sign treaties, non-aggression pacts or become vassals. Having a couple of solid alliances will help protect the clan’s flanks and rear. But we also expect a lot of treachery, changing alliances, double-agents, stubbing in the back and other political tricks. New clans enter the map by having a chance to fight a battle for one of the “coastal” provinces. If they kick the owner out, that province will be their new home, from where they will expand deeper into the continent. The more panzers you have, the more powerful your clan is, but in order to start fighting and capturing the provinces you should gather a team of 15 players. Clans can also participate in clan tournaments that will last for much shorter time: from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

Interview over at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

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