WOT : Designer interview with Sergey Burkatovskiy

from the More on Tanks dept.

GD: Which will take center stage realism of gameplay? Or are we looking at a blend? If so what sort of split should we expect, 50/50, 20/80?

A good balance between realism and captivating gameplay – that’s what we are looking for. However, it’s rather hard to tell the proportion of each component in the game. As I’ve already said we’re not going to create absolutely realistic gameplay or introduce realistic controls as it’s just impossible. Alternatively, we are focusing more on tactics and cooperation within a team. We already see our beta-testers setting up well-coordinated attacks or making ambushes according to military guidelines of the day with flanking maneuvers, encirclements of enemy groups and strict distribution of roles in a battle, even though Clan Wars have not yet been implemented. That’s where realism is preserved. Regarding combat characteristics of military hardware, they are close to those of real tanks, though not completely identical, because the tank is not just a combination of such features as speed, armor plating or rate of fire… It has an enormous number of parameters that can be hardly modeled or even estimated.  If we take a look at two T-34 tanks – one produced in 1942 and one in 1943 – we’ll see vehicles with different characteristics because they undergone changes almost every month.  So we use a generalized image (or a “legend”) of a tank and construct its digital prototype.

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