World of Tanks Preview -

from the MMORPG Center dept.

“World of Tanks promises to be a team base MMO dedicated to armored warfare. As tank commander you will experience some of the most action packed tanks battle, while having the ability to buy and drive over 150 armored vehicles from Germany, America and Soviet Union plus some from the allies tanks (from Churchill up to Matilda, there are all there)


As young promising tank commanders players begin their career within a light tank division. From there three subdivisions will be opened for future paths: Self Propelled Artillery (SPG), Tank Destroyers(TD), moving up to Medium Tanks or going for the big boys like Tiger/IS, Heavy Tanks.

Thanks to MMORPG Center.

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  1. joaquin says:

    Fantastic game. but i dont have the invite code to play.
    how i can take this code??

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