New expansion pack for Netease Tianxia II

Netease’s TX II -

Everyone looks so heroicPart love story, part transcendental meditation by clothed magick pandas, part sword cleaving goodness, the latest expansion pack for  Tianxia II is nothing if not mesmerizing. Watch hypnotized as smoke dragons eat citadels and 3D Chinese pentagrams shake the very pillars of Heaven. See why millions of Chinese gamers are gearing up to slay enormous, vapoured, obsidian hydra here.

4 Responses to “New expansion pack for Netease Tianxia II”

  1. Calvin says:

    OMG,what a amazing game!! so beautiful views,pretty pretty game world , I wanna play it too

  2. ungelivable says:

    nobody leave anything,so the news is ungelivable! right ?

  3. Jack says:

    TX2 is a very beautiful game. I have a 68 leves person. you can try it!

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