Meta Tank

from the Best of Show dept.

Joystiq has a compelling review of the BigWorld-powered title – World of Tank’s & the meta-game ‘Clan Wars’ :

“Clan wars is the gem, the beauty, of the game,” Kislyi says, and it’s part strategy game (with both micro- and macro-management aspects) and part action-MMO. Kislyi makes comparisons with the Total War series as well as Sid Meier’s genre-defining Civilization titles when referencing World of Tanks’ clan wars map and illustrating how massive player alliances can fight for control over various portions of the game’s Russian and European fronts. And when Kislyi says massive, he actually means massive, as the current beta routinely features upwards of 30,000 players simultaneously duking it out. Apart from EVE Online, Kislyi notes, the “massive” label is a misnomer when applied to other MMOs.

Since the Russian beta debuted, World of Tanks’ concurrent user numbers have increased every day, with 125,000 peak users just yesterday. In Russia, the game is “bigger than World of Warcraft, Perfect World, Lineage II, and any other game, browser or client-based, money-wise, people-wise, CCU (concurrent user)-wise, or anything-wise,” Kislyi says.

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