BigWorld Exclusive: Introducing MOEGO

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We’re ecstatic to begin our exclusive coverage of the newest entry in the BigWorld-powered game library: Userjoy’s MOEGO.

MOEGO is a “community-centered free-to-play MMORPG,” with all the expected accoutrement, as well as some very unique offerings in the MMO space. These include family groups, “animal castles,” pet armies, and a few others. Eastern closed beta starts late April, with Western access to follow in May.

From what we’ve been able to get our hands on, the game’s look and feel includes themes of anime and Shinto, featuring a wide array of fantasy environments filled with humans and anthropomorphic flora and fauna. There are also animal castles (we’ll get to that).

Suffice to say it looks stimulating

Moego’s characters live in a massive, persistent space, where a war is raging between the Penguin (Western) and Panda (Eastern) kingdoms. Players join families, at which point they can begin to amass small armies of absurdly cute pets, aforementioned “animal castles” (yes, we’re getting to it), and basically act out a Miyazaki film (note: Userjoy and BigWorld are not claiming any official connection to Mr. Miyazaki whatsoever)Moego_Intro-47

The game seems to have a strong crafting system, as well as a plethora of minigames like fishing, cooking and farming, but it also throws a few thematic and mechanical anomalies into the mix. A bit more on some of the game’s unique features:

The Family Structure

At the core of the game’s mechanics is the family structure. In order to access advanced and unique features of the game such as pets, foes, areas, and “animal castles” (still getting to that, promise).


Once players have joined or created families, they are able to begin recruiting and raising pets. These furry little cuties, whose titles include “crispy sheep” and “fancy raccoon,” act as your personal posse, laying down adorable pain on your adversaries. Each pet is upgradable, and also has a unique crafting and item upgrade ability, so progression through the game will largely depend on your pet platoon.

Animal Castles

Right, so we promised we’d get to this. The best we can extrapolate from the limited information we have at this point is that the “animal castle” is a major function in the game. Depicted pretty clearly in the video above, the animal castle is a superstructure riding on the back of a gigantic, but nonetheless adorable, uber animal. Undoubtedly, depending on which kingdom you fight for, your family will have access to the appropriate mobile animal castle, an entity that can be upgraded progressively over time. The strategic benefit of having a building-sized animal holding a building on its back should be, at the very least, moderately clear.

Besides all that, the game has 30something instanced dungeon-like environments, open PvP zones, 6 main “theme parks” (presumably islands), and 8 player classes (knight, archer, ninja, soul keeper, etc.) Western closed beta starts in early may.  We’re psyched to see this kind of fully-fleshed, extremely unique game developed on BigWorld Technology, and we’ll continue coverage over the coming months, with new videos, screenshots, and feature updates.

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