BigWorld-Powered “Moego”: ANIMAL CASTLES!

from the animal castle dept.

Continuing our exclusive coverage of the recently-announced, BigWorld-Powered, Userjoy MMO “Moego,”, we have reached the point in the show were we take a look at… ANIMAL CASTLES. By far our favorite awesome anomaly to come out of the Userjoy collective brain, the animal castle is a superstructure riding on the back of a gigantic, but nonetheless adorable, uber animal. Undoubtedly, depending on which kingdom you fight for, your family will have access to the appropriate mobile animal castle, an entity that can be upgraded progressively over time. The strategic benefit of having a building-sized animal holding a building on its back should be, at the very least, moderately clear.

MOEGO is a “community-centered free-to-play MMORPG,” with all the expected accoutrement, as well as some very unique offerings in the MMO space. These include family groups, “animal castles,” pet armies, and a few others.

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