World of Tanks Unveils “La Gargantua”

from the hyperbole dept.

The BigWorld-powered World of Tanks MMO has been receiving quite a bit of press attention recently, but this one surprised even us.

Behold the latest development in a long string of awesome emanating from Wargaming Studios in Minsk: La Gargantua.

The massive “treaded fortress” apparently sports a long-range impulse rail turret, mine-laying capabilities, and a host of other yet-to-be-revealed functions.

This news has the BigWorld team questioning a number of its assumptions about reality, but also whether or not this signals a new change in the theme of the until-now period-based tank warfare game. Should we be expecting even more futuristic tech appearing from vortices across the WoT world? Steampunk, anyone?…. anyone?…. Bueller?

Still, rumors suggest that this may be the work of an independent faction or individual using the BigWorld Indie development license.

At the very least, the WoT player community can’t complain any longer about Russian tanks being overpowered. This unprovenonced beast now takes the cake… and basically anything else it wants to take….


La Gargantua

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    Love the t44 in the pic due to OPness. Nowadays it shoulda been the T54 though :P

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