Armchair General Gives World of Tanks a 93

from the armchair dept.

Brian King at Armchair General has thoroughly inspected, examined, picked apart and reviewed World of Tanks. He has alot of nice things to say. Most interestingly for us, he manages to synthesize the real core of the game in a sentence. Good on ya, Brian!

Once you let go of the reality problems of Americans, Russians, and Germans all firing on each other, and once you accept that each armor model is not intended to be an absolute 100% incarnation of the original, you emerge with a highly playable approximation of what combat among these steel beasts might have been like.

The near-perfect score was soiled only by flaws in the matchmaking system, as well as the increasing difficulty for players who don’t purchase microcontent. Given, however, that the game is free-to-play, we don’t consider that second critique very applicable (nor does he, apparently).

Quick matchmaking doesn’t always yield fair matchmaking. Some may find the gameplay a bit on the slow side for a shooter. Clan Wars not included in North American release. The grind may be nearly insurmountable in higher tiers without spending real money to upgrade account.

And we agree with Brian. It stimulates the hell out of us to be play such an awesome game built on our platform.

You can read the full article here.


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