BigWorld-Powered “Moego”: a rabbit… as a pet

from the rabite dept.

Continuing our exclusive coverage of the recently-announced, BigWorld-Powered, Userjoy MMO “Moego,” another look shall be had the legions of animal pets that the player will acquire through the course of the game. This time, it’s a Rabbit. We’re extrapolating here that the now-infamous animal castles (building-sized animals with buildings on their backs) are the source of pets in Moego. This is depicted in the video below, wherein a gigantic rabbit animal castle basically poofs a new rabbit in front of the bowing player character.

In Moego, once players have joined or created families, they are able to begin recruiting and raising pets. These furry little cuties, whose titles include “crispy sheep” and “fancy raccoon,” act as your personal posse, laying down adorable pain on your adversaries. Each pet is upgradable, and also has a unique crafting and item upgrade ability, so progression through the game will largely depend on your pet platoon.

MOEGO is a “community-centered free-to-play MMORPG,” with all the expected accoutrement, as well as some very unique offerings in the MMO space. These include family groups, “animal castles,” pet armies, and a few others.

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