GameOgre First Impressions: Realm of the Titans Alpha

from the doting dept.

Kyt Dotson over at GameOgre shares some first impressions of DotA-style, BigWorld-built Realm of Titans, which has recently started Alpha testing.

It’s a particularly auspicious opportunity to see, from the perspective of a reviewer, how Aeria has been leveraging the BigWorld engine to develop a fun, engaging, and immersive multiplayer gaming experience. Particular technical facets covered include implemented fog-of-war, minimap, and sound.

If you like DotA-inspired games, Realm of the Titans has given a very good show. It’s got a great variety of seemly well-balanced heroes and at least one map. The Titans have a lot going for them in sheer volume and different abilities permitting a lot of range of play styles. The map is vast, pretty and well defined with points of interest easily chosen which should make strategizing something that well-oiled teams do as they roll over the enemy.

Read the full review here.


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