Kingdom Heroes: Xiaoshu Expansion in The Press

from the expansionism dept.

We’re seeing news popping up everywhere regarding Kingdom Heroes’ upcoming Xiaoshu expansion.

The Xiaoshou expansion is one of the latest content updates for Kingdom Heroes and consists of two new areas for exploration and plenty of new soldiers for battle.

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Develop Magazine


Aeria Games



Kingdom Heroes is a fantasy MMO, based on the mythology and history of ancient China. The game weaves a rich tapestry of folklore, magic, myth, and history, and is most noted for its huge, dynasty-warrior-style battles. Userjoy, the game’s developer, has been one of BigWorld’s most faithful and successful licensees. They’ve also exhibited some of the most powerful use-cases for BigWorld server’s proprietary load-balancing mechanism, an offering that isn’t rivaled in the industry. We congratulate Userjoy on the continued success of and expansion of Kingdom Heroes.

… also need to take the opportunity to mention Userjoy’s newest BigWorld-powered game: MOEGO (it has animal castles)


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