New Realm of the Titans Class Unveiled: Nevetira

from the thunderclap human dept.

A new player class in BigWorld-powered, DotA-inspired Realm of the Titans has been unveiled. Nevetira is a wrangler of elements, utilizing weather systems to lay waste to her foes. The backstory is that she was raised in a mountain village, constantly tormented by bad weather. Most of the time that kind of environment breeds good weathermen, but she seems to have stepped it up, having learned how to actually manifest thunder balls, winds, thunder and so forth.

Some would say she’s “electrifying”… ahem.

• Thunder Ball — Cause damage and stun for 0.1 second. Light target’s surroundings within a range of 1400 for 3 seconds. Thunder ball has 1800 Movement Speed.
• Howling Wind — Force enemies within range to turn around. Prolong their turning duration for 3 seconds.
• Wind Blessing — Restore ally unit’s Mana for 20 seconds
• Thunder Clap — (Ultimate) Throw some thunder balls, which collect energy in the air and target nearby enemies. Each ball causes 120 damage to targets it hits directly, 80 Area Effect, and 0.1 second of stun.

Realm of the Titans is one of the newest BigWorld-powered games to be developed and published in the Western market. It’s inspired by Defense of the Ancients, probably the most popular game mod of all time (Warcraft).

Come join us in open Beta.

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