World of Tanks Battle Films: Battle of Studzianki

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Wargaming’s World of Tanks is growing at breakneck pace. The game had already re-broken its own Guinness records for concurrent users many times before it even launched in North America. The beta stats by themselves were staggering. Now, hundreds of thousands of players in Russia, China, Europe and North America are duking it out for supremacy in what has become one of the most astoundingly successful BigWorld-powered games.

As one would imagine, player forums are filling to the brim with recorded battle content; quantities that would rival the WWII archives themselves.

Wargaming has done an excellent job leveraging the BigWorld platform, and one of the easiest ways to see that is through these recorded battles.

In the ensuing series, we’ll showcase some of our favorite battles.

Battle of Studzianki

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