Real Estate Listings in Twinity

from the virtual estate dept.

Since real-life rent is so depressing, we decided to retreat into the Twinity real estate listings, and it looks as though they’ve revamped the marketplace significantly since last we were in the [virtual] market for mirror world condominiums.

Condo’s range from the low $50 (no zeros) to $200 plus (again, no extra zeros).

Metaversum has built a mirror of our real world on BigWorld technology, and this is is one of their revenue streams, much like Playstation Home, Second Life, IMVU, and other virtual worlds built on the sale of virtual property.

Apparently a chunk of NY is on sale, and virtual Berlin is probably affordable as ever… Practically free if you have a caravan and some anarchist squatter friends.

Sign up for Twinity and check out the listings here.


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