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Lukchin over at shared a short interview with Travis form Aeria Games, the western publisher of BigWorld-powered Realm of the Titans.

  1. What is your main goal for Realm of the Titans on release? Our main goal for Realm of the Titans is to build a strong community that plays our great game. With games like ROTT, a strong and dedicated community can determine whether or not they are successful. We already have a great start with very dedicated players from our Alpha Test that are eagerly waiting for the Beta launch of the game!
  2. What does ROTT offer to entice fans of the genre that are playing games like League of Legends? Realm of the Titans has a lot to offer players that other games do not. ROTT has two different 5v5 maps, our Titan Skill system that allows players to change skills throughout the match, dynamic control points on the map, new heroes with unique abilities, in-depth stats, daily leader board updates, and a lot more.
  3. What boundaries are you trying to push with ROTT? The MOBA genre is still relatively new and there are many directions that it can go in. We are hoping to push boundaries by experimenting with new gameplay mechanics, new types of game modes, and new hero abilities.

Realm of the Titans is an online free-to-play Strategy/Role-Playing game inspired by Defense of the Ancients. It’s currently in Alpha.RT_ss007

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