Netease Gearing Up for ChinaJoy

from the festival fervor desk

BigWorld is on its way to Chinajoy, the biggest games conference in China. Most of our partners and licensees will be there, as well as an ocean of cosplayers, booth babes, developers, and press. BigWorld Technology licensee Netease has given us a nice glimpse of what they have planned.

The Beijing-based, 15-year-old internet giant is known for its thorough presence at games conferences, particularly ChinaJoy. On demonstration will be BigWorld-powered Tian Xia II, one of the most popular MMO’s in Asia, as well as a host of the studio’s other titles. Netease also operates World of Warcraft and Starcraft II in China.

Anyone even slightly interested in Netease should find this page useful. They’ve provided all necessary prep material for a visit to their pavilion. You can find a full virtual tour of the booth, the lineup of their booth… ahem, representatives, all the games that will be on showcase (including BigWorld-powered Tian Xia II), and a boatload of other info here.


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