New Realm of the Titans class unveiled: HaZ’zard (ranged fire elemental)

from the titanic dept.

The team at Aeria Games has unveiled a new class for their upcoming title Realm of the Titans (RoT).

RoT is a BigWorld-powered game, inspired by Defense of the Ancients, one of the most popular indie mods ever created for a game (Warcraft III).

The game is currently in closed beta.

HaZ’zard packs a heavy punch for a floating torso of fire. Borne from an ancient lava pool and enchanted with form-capturing spells, HaZ’zard’s favorite pastimes now include hurling rings of fire and spawning waves of fast-moving flames. His soul burns for vengeance (well, mostly it just burns). Use HaZ’zard as a strong ranged hero on the battlefield in Realm of the Titans, where team strategy is key to capturing your enemy’s base first.

HaZ’zard’s skills are each linked to a keyboard shortcut, shown in parentheses:

Lava Spout — (Q) Places a Lava Spout on the ground. After a short time lava shoots up, stunning and slowing enemies.

Emperor’s Power — (W) Stuns and damages enemies facing away from you at a range of 1050.

Ring of Fire — (E) Summons a shield to protect you. When destroyed, the shield spews fire damaging nearby enemies.

Thousand Flames — (R) Releases a spreading wave of fire from your location.

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