Realm of the Titans closed beta key give-away

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Aeria Games and Games Radar have partnered up for a beta key give-away for BigWorld-powered Realm of the Titans.

The DotA-inspired title went into beta a couple days ago.

Go snatch up a key.

“You can choose to not care about RotT… or you can, like me, look forward to playing another MOBA that attempts to build on DotA, instead of retreading ground that’s already been covered. Right now, this is my most anticipated game of 2011.” – PC Gamer

“If you like DotA-inspired games, Realm of the Titans has given a very good show. It’s got a great variety of seemly well-balanced heroes … The Titans have a lot going for them in sheer volume and different abilities permitting a lot of range of play styles. The map is vast, pretty and well defined with points of interest … which should make strategizing something that well-oiled teams do as they roll over the enemy.” – GameOgre

“By combining familiar DotA and League of Legends gameplay elements, Titans looks to carve out a niche for MOBAs where players can have a hard-core DotA-like experience… with the customization experience found in LoL’s masteries and summoner spells.” – MMOHut


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