Realm of the Titans: Titan’s Eye Map Debut

from the DotA dept.

Aeria Games has introduced a new map for Realm of the Titans, the DotA-inspired game built on BigWorld Technology.

As game activity is hinged on map design, in classic DotA tradition, here are some of the map’s features..

· New Win Objective –Destroy the enemy base OR be the first team to achieve 66 enemy kills for match victory in Titan’s Eye!
· Play More, Win More – The map also features increased global gold gain, decreased death timers, and reduced cooldowns for all heroes.
· Plant Power Up — You’ll encounter a strange new plant as you battle across Titan’s Eye. Be warned — this is no ordinary vegetation. Any character near the plant becomes invisible to enemies!
· Rune System — The Rune system randomly spawns a useful buff in different locations on Titan’s Eye. Scoop up double physical damage, double magic damage, haste, increased regeneration, flat experience and more as you push toward your objective.

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