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World of Tanks Nominated for GDC “Best Online Tech” Award

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011, posted by Matt

gdconlineawardslogofrom the dual accolades desk

Looks like World of Tanks has been nominated for a couple awards in the 2011 Game Developers Choice Online Awards:

Best Online Technology [Competitors: Cityvile (Zynga), DC Universe Online (SOE), Rift (Trion Worlds), LEGO Universe Online (LEGO/Warner Bros)]

Best Community Relations [Competitors: Wizard101 (KingsIsle), Minecraft (Mojang), EA Sports FIFA Superstars (Playfish/EA), World of Warcraft (Blizzard)]

The awards ceremony will take place Wed., Oct 4. at GDC Online in Austin, where BigWorld will be in full force, crawling about the conference and centered at booth #203. just topped off their awards list with Game of the Year a couple weeks ago at the European Games Award ceremony at Gamescom.

The whole team at BigWorld will be rooting for them, many of us in person.

States at War Trailer

Friday, August 26th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the isometric desk

States at War is a title in development by Sunhome Entertainment, and powered by BigWorld Technology.

This trailer showcases some of the game’s interface, visuals, features, combat system, and so forth. It’s being designed as an isometric online RPG, with an aesthetic that harkens back to classic titles like Diablo and Ultima Online.

World of Tanks Update Video: Visual Improvements, British Tank Races

Thursday, August 25th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the tanks desk

The lovely and talented Ola takes us through some technical and visual improvements in the works for World of Tanks.

Interviews with members of the art team shed a bit of light on improvements they’re making to their BigWorld-powered title.

There’s a segment, as well on’s visit to Tank Fest in Britain.

Favorite Youtube comment: who thinks Ola is the best graphic update of WOT thums up

Tian Xia III: Netease Sheds Light, Shares Video

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011, posted by Matt

from the tease desk

Chinese internet giant Netease has licensed BigWorld Technology for a few of its projects, including Tian Xia II, one of the most popular MMO’s in China.

They revealed a bit of information regarding the followup, Tian Xia III.

Netease tells us that Tian Xia III will elaborate on the “butterfly effect” framework of Tian Xia II. Player choices will effect the world strongly, though how specifically this will function we’re still unsure. Content creation will be a hallmark in the game, however, as players will be able to populate the world with their own housing, castles, schools, and other content of that type. Players will also be given the ability to create their own unique classes and ability sets. The game promises to appeal to hardcore and casual audiences alike, providing “7 paths” to “success.”

The video below is the first promo for the game, and does actually contain some gameplay capture, in which you can see some optimization they’ve done with the BigWorld Client…

World of Tanks Gamescom battle: dev team vs leading german tank team

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011, posted by Matt

World of Tanks Gamescom battle: dev team vs leading german tank team

World of Tanks Gamescom battle: dev team vs leading german tank team

World of Gamescom: Video Recap

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011, posted by Matt

from the debrief desk

Our whirlwind tour of Gamescom 2011 is officially over. We came, we boothed, we conquered. welcomed throngs of visitors and competitors to their World of Tanks pavilion, showed of recently announced World of Warplanes, and announced World of Battleships, all built on BigWorld Technology. This makes us a proud group of tools developers.

A couple videos that haven’t yet been shared… TV report on Gamescom, World of Tanks’ European Games Award, World of Warplanes, Battleships, and so forth…

Destructoid interview with Victor Kislyi, CEO of…

Post-Gamescom Summary Video + Tank Party

World of Tanks Hitting Retail Shelves Aug 31

Monday, August 22nd, 2011, posted by Matt

from the press release desk

Looks like we’ll be seeing BigWorld-powered World of Tanks on retail shelves sooner than anticipated.

We reported a while ago that had partnered with Interactive Gaming Software to release award-winning World of Tanks in a physical boxed form through retail stores worldwide.

The boxed version will be priced at $19.99 and will come with “$30 of in-game items, including a premium account, game credits, gold, and an upgraded tank.”