iGameReport Interviews BigWorld CEO John De Margheriti

from the interview desk

de_margheriti_johnIn this interview, John covers some history behind BigWorld Technology, the role of middleware in the game development ecosystem, market considerations East vs. West, the free-to-play movement, and so forth.

While the library of titles built on BigWorld Technology is quite diverse thematically and mechanically, most of these titles share the same core requirements common among all MMO or online game; Requirements like occlusion culling, inventory management, terrain editor, content creation tools, UI development tools, dungeon/subterranean space editor, instrumentation, metrics, scalable and rock-solid server, and so forth. BigWorld serves these up, and the quality of our licensees’ products is a testament to the usability and scalability of our product.

Unlike other companies who develop middleware, we did not design a game first and derive a middleware platform from it. This approach means that you limit creativity.  We designed a very flexible system that would enable developers to create almost any type of game

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