New Realm of the Titans Hero Class: Sage of Ink

from the titans desk

Aeria Games has unveiled a new player character in Realm of the Titans, powered by BigWorld Technology. Aeria recently took RotT into closed beta.

The Sage of Ink is a support spell caster that punishes any team that lacks knowledge of their surroundings. Using his ability to draw reality, he forces his opponents into a corner and then commands his allies to the front lines to dirty their hands so he doesn’t have to.

Catharsis: Catharsis deals damage over time, makes the target’s skills cost double, and gives back some of that mana to the Sage of Ink.

Black Dragon Dance: This ability paints a huge dragon that hangs in the air for a moment then propels itself a long distance in a line, dealing significant damage and popping targets into the air for a short stun.

While this ability can be easy to see coming, crafty placement of the dragon in the woods or out of sight can ensure your dragon will land (Sort of like Janna’s tornado from League of Legends). It’s also absolutely great to combine with your ultimate, ensuring that even the smart opponents who stand their ground will be victim of a Black Dragon Dance. This is also an excellent ability for farming creeps.

Dream State: This ability can reduce cooldowns for you or your teammates or increase them for your opponents. While it’s likely you’re probably going to be using this on your own ultimate to have it up all the time to control the flow of combat, it’s certainly useful for popping on teammates before they fire off their ultimate abilities.

Beautiful World: Sage of Ink’s ultimate paints the world with a large brush, anything tagged with the brush will be forced back to the position it gets “painted in” after a few seconds – dealing damage proportional to the distance moved during this time, up to very high % of total health. Enemies who run away or try and chase you down will find themselves taking gobs of damage and “teleporting” to a prior position. Teams (and players) that overpush lanes or are on the run are both extremely vulnerable to Beautiful World.


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