Realm of Titans Professional Battles Live Stream, End of Closed Beta

from the thunderdome desk

BigWorld-powered Realm of the Titans is coming to the end of its closed beta period, after which publisher Aeria Games will be lining everything up for open beta. No word officially on when we’ll all be able to jump in and DotA our brains out in free-to-play glory, but hopefully soon.

To celebrate its recent entry into closed beta, Aeria partnered up with MOBACast to stream competitions between professional DotA players. If you’re lost, DotA = Defense of the Ancients, the most popular Warcraft III custom map series of all time, and certainly one of the most popular and noteworthy independent game mods of all time.

You can watch the pro DotA head-to-head matches, streamed earlier this week, here.

Keep an ear to the ground for more of these streaming competitions, most likely coming toward the end of this week, or early next week.


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