World of Battleships: The Initial Scoop

from the potemkin dept, developer of World of Tanks, has been pouring out pearls of news as of late, including the announcement of World of Warplanes at E3, offices opening globally, and all sorts of significant talent acquisition.

The developer has rounded off its BigWorld-powered “World of…” series with the announcement of World of Battleships at Gamescom this week.

Like the other two titles in the series, World of Battleships will be a free-to-play vehicle combat MMO. This title, obviously, will focus on naval combat of the 20th century. The three titles will share the same currency system, drawing some limited integration between them.

There are scant details currently on how the mechanics of this title will match up against Warplanes and Tanks, which admittedly have a bit more in common with each other. Nevertheless, keep an ear out for additional news as it comes in.

Debut concepts here.

Video down there.

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