World of Tanks Gamescom Booth: Bullets, Babes, Bombs

from the gamescom desk (booth: Hall 9, stand B032) and BigWorld (booth: Hall 4.2 Aisle J No. 017) are in full representation at Gamescom, The world’s largest trade fair and event highlight for interactive games and entertainment.

The World of Tanks booth is drawing eyes, and tank commanders. The custom-designed space features about 40 PC’s embedded within mock disembodied tank turrets, ammo crates, and so forth.

A daily competition pits pavilion visitors against each other to win a prize. The World of Tanks dev team is actually competing against the top tank clan in Germany.

On related notes, Massively has taken a deeper look into BigWorld-powered World of Warplanes, and has announced World of Battleships as an expansion of the “World of…” universe.

See the full report here.

and of course, some fan focus

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