Andre Dittrich on Middleware: Source Code, Please!

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Andre Dittrich from Yager has provided an uber-succinct op-ed piece for Gamasutra, detailing some learning lessons in the world of Middleware.

He makes some points regarding the value of source code as documentation, an axiom that BigWorld’s followed for a long time. We give our community the option of licensing a version of our technology that provides source access to python scripts used by client,  C++ source to client and tools, as well as some server C++ source. We’ve found this to be a great value-add for our licensees. It has helped BigWorld benefit from a huge pool of talented developers, who help us improve our offering all the time. And that collaborative effort is a necessity.

… middleware is the right way to go if you want to focus your team on doing games instead of tech. And there is always enough tech to develop in addition to the middleware anyway.

Getting to know [your middleware] will cost a lot of time, but it is time you have to spend or you will very likely regret it at some point.

But when things get complicated and you need to know exactly how a system behaves, there is no better place to look then the source code.

It’s definitely worth the short read.

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