Frazer Nash: “World of Battleships will be grad school for students”

from the surfacing desk

Games marketing Guru Frazer Nash recently joined the ranks full-time. TenTonHammer sat down with him and talked recently-announced, BigWorld-powered World of Battleships.

Some quick takeaways…

  • No submarines, to mitigate the griefer in us all
  • Formation important
  • AI planes launchable from carriers

Nash utilizes the game’s published concept art as a means to explain the fundamentals of the game…

“This is your game, this is your view,” he began, gesturing at the image above. “The destroyers are in completely the wrong place. Those two should be screening the battleship, protecting it from aircraft. Off in the distance you see an aircraft carrier… it’s dead. It may be floating now, but trust me, it’s dead. It should be on the complete inside of the formation… alone it’s extremely vulnerable.”

Carriers take the place of SPGs, battleships take the place of heavy tanks, and then cruisers, frigates, destroyers, PT boats, and the like will fill out the skirmish, scout, and anti-aircraft roles.

A brief bit on World of Warplanes tells us that: players will start in the air, a new aiming reticle will provide realtime damage information to attackers, and that the game puts players in the “sexy period of combat aviation, before guided weapons, stealth, and so on,” quoth the Frazer.

FULL INTERVIEW at TenTonHammer. Go Read.

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