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Develop Online wrangled together a number of industry people to compare Eastern and Western MMO markets. BigWorld’s Social Media Director Matt Daly opined, talking from the perspective of the middleware developer’s various licensees, both Eastern and Western. Most of the screenshots lining the interview are BigWorld-powered games.

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Matt: “… every industry teaches its start-ups the same lessons; in Asia, it’s important to have a flexible attitude regarding your product’s final instantiation, and very important to make friends.”

Adam Taylor, Analyst at Adotomi: “It’s a mature market as well, and it seems that the flow is mostly from the east to the West, not the other way around.”

AdamHildreth, CEO Crisp Thinking: “Single sign-on will become the norm, anonymity will become less and less, and players will be able to take advantage of cross-game integration. For example, trading, but also be required to face cross-border responsibilities. Your actions in one game, will affect your leeway in others.”

Richard Leinfellner, CEO Bable Media: “Much of the mainstream PR is on big publisher MMO’s, however there are others like Minecraft and World of Tanks who have significant followings.”

Mark Gerhard, CEO Jagex: “You have to innovate, innovate, innovate and listen to your community if you hope to create future breakthrough content,”

Upcoming Tian Xia III

Upcoming Tian Xia III

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