World of Tanks New York Times Review… “concussively enjoyable, shrewdly designed”

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New York Times writer Seth Schiesel admits to his World of Tanks addiction, and contributes his $0.02 to the world of World of Tanks reviews.

…the game is a must. And if you’re tiring of elves, demons and aliens, you may find the experience of watching your enemies scatter or be blown to shards by the rumbling might of your Tiger tank just a bit more visceral.

Suddenly my fellow pilots in Eve Online, the sprawling science-fiction universe, were debating whether the Soviet IS-4 could stand up against the German Ferdinand and whether the American Pattoncould deal with the game version of the Soviet T-54.

Giving richer players an advantage would usually be a huge turnoff, but it succeeds in World of Tanks because teamwork and skill are much more important than a little bit more firepower.

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