The Pandaria Experiment

from the eastern desk

Blizzard’s new WoW expansion, Mists of Pandaria, has taken the collective wind out of the gaming community. The comparatively huge departure from previous Azeroth expansions is an eyeball-grabber, which is probably exactly what Blizzard is looking for at this point. It strikes close to home for BigWorld, however, as we’ve been powering games that look like Pandaria for years.

This, therefore, should be another fun experiment into porting eastern-style content to the western market. It’s been done with existing Chinese/Taiwanese/Korean etc. IP, including BigWorld-powered titles like Realm of the Titans, Kingdom Heroes 2 Online, Tian Xia II and others. But, this is one of those unique cases where a powerhouse like Blizzard will attempt to pull it off as a semi-derivative original IP extension.

Appetites whetted, we await Pandaria.

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