MMOSite On Tian Xia III

from the Eastern desk

Evelin at MMOSite has covered Tian Xia III’s beta launch on BigWorld Technology.

Tian Xia III takes place in an immersive fantasy world full of ancient Chinese mythology and philosophical undertones. The game features fast-paced combat that mixes twitch and dice-roll styles, as well as uncommonly deep narrative integration into quest chains and a visual aesthetic that draws on the architectural and tonal history of China. The game strongly emphasizes the creation of family structures between avatars, including marriage, utilizing a unique family system. As in most MMO’s, players benefit from collaboration, but NetEase intends to improve upon that by introducing mechanics like multi-passenger mounts, as well as content that can only be generated by multiple users working in concert.

tian xia 3 screenshot-07

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