World of Submarines is Nowhere on the Horizon

from the battleships helm

Outpost Gamez was nice enough to glean some information for the rest of us regarding’s upcoming addition to the World of Tanks universe: World of Battleships…

In the interview, WoB project manager Alexander Zezulin shared some tidbits like…

World of Battleships final version will feature 7 nations (USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, France, and Italy), while beta will only field 2 of them: USA and Japan.

Yamato, Bismarck, Montana, Varyag, Aurora and other legendary aircraft carriers from WWII’s Naval Battles are a must-have for any battleship game and we’ll definitely have these models in World of Battleships.

There definitely will be no submarines sailed by players in World of Battleships. We are still considering whether  the game will feature submarines in any other mode (for example, NPCs you need to either convoy or engage depending on which side you’re fighting for) .

…as for now we aren’t planning World of Subs.

Full interview


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