World of Tanksgiving 7.0: Come for the Horns, Stay for the Fjords

from the tanksgiving desk is celebrating Tanksgiving in World of Tanks, November 24th through 28th. During this time, some tanks will earn double credits during battles (M4A3E2, M4A3E8, StuG III, JagdPz IV, SU-5, SU-8). Plenty of other surprises await, but in order to witness them you’ll probably have to jump in-world.


All of this is in celebration, of course, of the American tradition of Thanksgiving, as well as the much-anticipated 7.0 patch update. The patch is bringing a host of fixes and augmentations to the game, including some new BigWorld features…

Improved game performance on some PC configurations
Added more settings for special effects
Improved game settings behavior when using Logitech keyboards and Alienware notebooks.
Added the new Antialising type – FXAA
Improved the quality of in-game voice chat
Added the ‘vignette’ effect

Added the camouflage system for all tanks.
Added 1 tank horn for testing purposes (depending on feedback, this feature will be either developed or removed completely).
Added the ‘Complaints’ function.

Added 2 new maps: ‘Swamps’ and ‘Fjords’
Added new ‘special’ vehicles: Su-85 I and Pz IV Hydraulic
On some maps animated birds were added
Clan emblems added on some tanks

Gameplay and Mechanics
Amount of penalty points for team killing and team damage doubled
Once exiting the battle, your tank will stay on the battlefield till the end of the battle. If it was not destroyed, it will automatically be destroyed at the end
The price of Tier 2-3 vehicles was slightly reduced

Improvements of the mini-map: scale change, transparency change, turning on/off, markers for commands: ‘Help’, ‘Follow me!’, ‘Attack’
While selling a tank you can now quickly remove crew and equipment from it
Changed the sound of hitting and damaging a tank module

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