Previewed World of Tanks Maps Include “Life Ox”

from the tanks desk

The cartographers over at have unveiled a few more of the more eclectic end of their World of Tanks map selection, all built on BigWorld Technology Client and Content Creation Tools, scheduled for release in 2012…

Munich: “This small 600×600m map with restrained urban conditions resembles Himmelsdorf, but unlike Himmelsdorf it features a slight altitude difference and bushes placed at certain strategic points. It also has an industrial area, a railway branch, a street railway with a circle, a park with a pond and the half-destroyed residential area.”


South America


“Life Ox”: The terrain of the map is plain, filled with marshes: and some of them are unpassable. Nevertheless, a tanker would easily find the right way by the colour of the soil and presence of trees on it. Eventually, this map is a real paradise for players. It has splendid landscapes, a typical American town, a factory area, a rail way station with the bridges. Although the map has no hills or rocks to cover behind them, there are multiple roughs and coombs. It is better to play at high settings to see all the beauties of the map as it even has a marvellous cotton field on it.


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