US Army’s EDGE Program Leveraging BigWorld Tech

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We’re back from I/ITSEC 2011, the biggest simulation and training conference in the world. While there, we took at look at the projects that the US Army’s RDECOM is currently building on BigWorld Technology. EDGE is a dynamic, multi-platform, geo-spatial training environment for US Army personnel being deployed abroad. The program aims at developing and maturing competency in teamwork, leadership, cultural awareness, and other tactical necessities for soldiers in the field.

The following video provides a glimpse into the promising current alpha-stage development of EDGE.

Remarked Major General Nick Justice, who paid us a visit during the conference…

“What we’re trying to do many times is not just always the physical. It’s not just reducing the weight, it’s reducing the burden to them in many aspects. In time: can we get training to them so that we can make their precious time more dedicated to what we’re doing? Can we actually reduce the physical load? Can we reduce the mental workload that they have to operate so many separate devices, by integrating technologies into each other? And also unburden them as far as the mental and spiritual aspects of what they do to relieve the burden that they face?”


Pictured Above: Major General Nick Justice, head of RDECOM, pays a visit to the US Army RDECOM pavilion at I/ITSEC, chatting with Tami & Doug, and reviewing BigWorld’s gig-line and ensuring our covers were off.

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