World of Tanks 7.0 French Tanks Trailer

from the Maginot desk

World of Tanks videos are pouring out during this Christmas week. In this segment, puts its focus on the French tanks available in the recently-released 7.1 update to their BigWorld-powered mega-popular tank combat MMO.

The company also announced the upcoming release of Update 7.1 featuring the French tech tree. 18 new vehicles will introduce the first three branches of the French nation; light, medium, and heavy steel chariots will enrich the combat and bring all-new tactics into the game. These will later be followed by SPGs and tank destroyers.

“7.0 is a huge-scale update that includes many of the long-expected features, including camo and new visual effects,” said Victor Kislyi, CEO of “Also, we are very excited to introduce the forthcoming French tanks. They are fast and deadly due to their special reloading system, and we believe they will dictate completely new battle strategies.”

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