World of Tanks Explores North Africa & Mexico

from the international desk

The level design dept at has been expanding their World of Tanks fare as of late, releasing new maps for Mexico, North Africa, Kansas, Munich, South America and Smalltown USA.

As usual, the efforts of the World of Tanks team exemplify some of the real potential of the BigWorld Client and Content Creation Tools!

Africa: “Airport is a North African map. Sand deserts with small hills and access to the sea. The bases are situated among the houses of the villages. A military airfield goes along the mountain belt.”


Mexico: “A part of Mexican desert is surrounded by mountain ranges with almost no buildings on them. The terrain of the map is complex and plain at the same time, covered with rocky hills. There are plenty cacti and other desert greenery on it, which can cover a vehicle. Just imagine the depth of feelings of designers, who made this map look that much more interesting and captivating! And soon you’ll have the opportunity to see it with your own eyes!”


Kansas: “The map was designed under the inspiration left from the marvelous landscapes of Kansas in autumn. The rich colour-grade of the map creates a special ambience, guaranteeing sound mood at playing. The map displays an industrial town with typical American blocks, a small river and hills with vivid trees. It also has a highway, running through the whole map.”


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