World of Warplanes Q&A

from the dogfight desk has taken the time to answer 30 or so questions from their community regarding their upcoming BigWorld-powered title World of Warplanes.

The full Q&A is here, but here are a few excerpts…

Mid Air Collision? Are we having them? Or are the Planes Ghost Planes and can fly through Each other?

Mid Air Collision will surely be implemented. It will reduce aircraft HP depending aircraft speed, weight, damaged module etc. as in WoT. If you are an experienced and lucky player you will be able to perform deliberate ram attacks, chopping off enemy’s aircraft tail with an airscrew.

Will the fight start with the planes in the air or will we have to take off from a runway, if we do have to take off from a runway will we are able to land again? either to get repairs or ammo ? WWII planes i believe never really had that much ammo on them

Aircraft will be spawned in the air at the beginning of the battle. As an option, you will be able to land the aircraft at the end of the battle and successful landing will give you additional experience. Unsuccessful landing will break the plane and will cost repairing.

Will WOWP have muti-core support?

It already has it.

Night missions – will they be implemented and if so, will there be tracer rounds available for purchase?

We are discussing such night battle modes

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