World of Warplanes Q&A Pt II: Connectivity With World of Tanks

from the warplanes desk has provided another round of responses to its fan base regarding upcoming BigWorld-powered World of Warplanes. Among some of the topics discussed are the inter-connectivity between World of Warplanes and World of Tanks.

Equal distribution of experience in flight unit, or 60/40 in pair. The dogfight specificity when one attacks another covers and if we count experience distribution as it is in WoT all the XP points will go to the attacking pilot, and the covering one will get nothing. It is unfair. In the case of flight unit, platoon analog in WoT, I suggest Equal distribution of experience
Yes, it is possible. Will think it over and check statistics of XP adjustment. Coordination in flight unit seems to be more important than in WoT platoons and such coordinated actions should be encouraged.

Will you make a unififed premium account for WoT and WoWp?
It will be implemented however with some peculiarities. We are thinking about it.

Will the pilot’s (not player’s) experience decreases after multiply defeats?
No, it would be too cruel. Player looses himself and this could be double punishment.

Will you give us the opportunity to transfer experience and money between WoT and WoWp but with some fee for experience and big commission for gold transfer?
There were multiply answers about gold transfer. Your suggestion about taking commissions will be taken into consideration.

Will the game feature not only music soundtrack but also as a real pilots conversation?
It can be switched by user Some part of system messages will be stylized in form of pilot’s talks but to make all the soundtrack in this form will be to boring and will distract from important messages.

How about contaminating signals, at voice chat (on desire)?
Contaminating signal as an element of entourage will be but if only it is not resource-demanding for other players And we are not going to deteriorate voice completely. First of all it can be hacked on the client and provide some advantages, secondly bad voice chat will lead to using Skype, Teamspeak, X-Fire etc.

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