BigWorld in Develop’s GDC Essential Engines Guide

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Develop has included BigWorld in their Essential Engines Guide: a comprehensive compendium of the top game development middleware solutions available today.

Matt shares some thoughts in the interview…

Any middleware developer would be remiss to not address the new needs of the rapidly-growing sector of small, often distributed, independent development teams. They’re developing awesome and compelling interactive experience in comparably smaller budgets, with faster turnaround time, a higher rate of innovation, a lower rate of risk aversion, and they’re doing it on myriad platforms. So, I’d say we’re seeing an intense diversification of game types, as well as the tech that facilitates their development. BigWorld is moving, along with the whole industry, with this oceanic momentum.

In this month’s GDC edition of the Magazine, Intent Media has done a great job of cataloging existing middleware options, based on core focus (casual, mobile, browser, console, MMO, etc.)

Keep an eye out for the feature around pg. 40 of this month’s GDC edition of Develop Magazine.


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