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BigWorld Sponsoring ACMI’s Game Masters Exhibition, Schafer & Molyneux Participating

Friday, March 30th, 2012, posted by Matt

from the events desk

BigWorld is proud to be sponsoring Game Masters, an interactive retrospective on the video games being put on by The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne. The first master boss fights on the list? Tim Schafer (Monkey Island) & Peter Molyneux (Fable)… FIGHT!

Schafer will be joined by former Lionhead game designer Peter Molyneux at the opening of Game Masters, an interactive exhibition that will showcase the work of celebrated game designers from Australia and overseas through a combination of concept art, interviews, and more than 125 playable games from the arcade era through to new releases.

ACMI’s Game Masters will feature Schafer alongside the creators of franchises including Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Brothers, The Sims, Rock Band, and The Legend of Zelda. Schafer’s own exhibit during Game Masters will include playable versions of his games and concept art. The museum has also announced it will provide fans with an opportunity to hear from Schafer in the coming months.

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Venturebeat on Warplanes: Dogfights Galore

Thursday, March 29th, 2012, posted by Matt

from the interview desk

Heath Hooker from Venturebeat interviewed Sergey Burkatovskiy, lead designer on BigWorld-powered World of Warplanes. Below are some excerpts…

The “Tanks” taught us many useful lessons and we’ve got proven-to-be-good schemes and concepts designed for our first MMO title, which we can now apply to World of Warplanes. Surely, we encountered difficulties, but World of Tanks proved that an MMO has the potential to deliver a great gaming experience, once it’s polished, deep, well-balanced and constantly updated. Take a look at the concurrent user numbers; we have over 500,000 tank men playing at a given moment in time. That’s impressive.

Why planes? Well, that wasn’t a hard choice either. Many people in the dev team are passionate for planes and flight sims, not to mention hundreds of World of Tanks fans asking us to come up with a flight combat title. We were very excited about the idea when only started working on Tanks, and the fact that players pretty much wanted the same thing only urged us towards getting down to the concept.

Gaming Nexus: World of Tanks Retrospective

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012, posted by Matt

from the retrospective desk

Gaming Nexus has a put together a fairly comprehensive interview and retrospective with Topics covered include World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.

Looking back at the last year what were the things that you did right? What things could you have done better?

The last year was crowded with great events for After launching World of Tanks open beta in Europe and North America we were struggling to catch up with the fast-growing game population. We never expected so many people to join the game and had to drastically increase our server capacity! So we built new data centers and perfected the server side technology. Probably, a major milestone here was the introduction of multicluster technology: it allowed us to add several clusters to each server group and, thus, insured server stability. We are doing well right now. But actually, ongoing fast-paced growth in Russia makes me think another mad scramble to keep up with the WoT population is soon to ensue.

We’ve introduced lots of new content and stuff in World of Tanks in 2011. I must admit we were a bit behind our internal schedule at times. But well, you know, our schedules aren’t set in stone: we want to be certain people love what we give them, and we only introduce updates when we are sure they are by all means top-notch and well-balanced. Speaking about our major goals, I can’t but mention full-scale graphics modernization. It’s a burning issue we’ve been tackling since last year.


World of Warplanes: First Gameplay Video [Alpha]

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012, posted by Matt

from the warplanes desk has unveiled the first World of Warplanes video anyone has publicly seen. The game, currently in Alpha, is powered entirely on BigWorld Client and Server.

Internet Chatter:’s Revenues

Monday, March 26th, 2012, posted by Matt

from the success desk

This past week’s revelation that is earning double-digit millions monthly on World of Tanks has created a firestorm of commentary all over the interwebs.

The company has come quite far since we first partnered with BigWorld on World of Tanks over four years ago. BigWorld is proud to play a role in’s continued success. Here’s what everyone is saying… As the game has grown to reach over 20 million registered users, developer has scaled with it – 18 months ago the business consisted of 120 employees primarily based in Minsk. Today it is approaching 800 staff around the globe.

MMORPG.COM: Further, is considering South American and Middle Eastern releases as well. “If you count the last year and a half, we might be the fastest growing company ever, headcount wise and revenue wise,” said Kislyi, and that, “We probably have one of the highest payment ratios in the industry, it’s around 25-30 per cent, because people love the game.”

Beefjack: With a devoted, and rapidly expanding user base behind them, reporting close to half a million concurrent active users in Russia and Europe combined, with Chinese users (managed by KongZhong) standing at around 150,000.

Gamasutra: As for its staff, the London-headquartered company has 400 people working on World of Tanks alone — compared to the 120 it had 18 months ago — across its development studios in Minsk, Belarus and Kiev, Ukraine.

Games Brief: Victor Kisyli, CEO of estimates that MAUs = 10x peak concurrency. (I treat these numbers with a very big pinch of salt, meaning that I don’t believe that they are verified).

Strategy Informer: “For casual gameplay which most players do most of the time, people don’t usually use gold or expendables. Of course if you want to win a tournament, if you’re competitive, if you play clan wars, if you want to be at the top, we think it’s appropriate to expect a little bit of money from you because you already spent hundreds of hours in our game and that’s much more than the value of any $50 box.”

World of Tanks Planning Singaporean Cluster

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012, posted by Matt

from the retrospective desk

Gaming Nexus has tackled a rather in-depth retrospective of BigWorld-powered World of Tanks. In the interview, discusses some of their Asian expansion plans.

Wargaming has loads in store for 2012. For starters, this spring we are launching World of Tanks on the Singaporean cluster in South-East Asia. Tentatively, we are planning to release World of Warplanes in 2012. We’re shying away from giving a specific date, but I can tell you that it’s coming together very nicely. The Global Alpha that has only launched 23th February and we already have more than 100 000applicants eager to join the ranks of virtual pilots! It makes me think WoWP has really tremendous potential.


[Video] BigWorld GDC 2012: World of Tanks Explosive Growth, Victor’s Favorite Tank

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012, posted by Matt

from the interview desk CEO Victor Kislyi talks to Matt about World of Tanks,’s explosive growth, World of Warplanes, his favorite (French) tank, and other topics.