Gaming Nexus: World of Tanks Retrospective

from the retrospective desk

Gaming Nexus has a put together a fairly comprehensive interview and retrospective with Topics covered include World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.

Looking back at the last year what were the things that you did right? What things could you have done better?

The last year was crowded with great events for After launching World of Tanks open beta in Europe and North America we were struggling to catch up with the fast-growing game population. We never expected so many people to join the game and had to drastically increase our server capacity! So we built new data centers and perfected the server side technology. Probably, a major milestone here was the introduction of multicluster technology: it allowed us to add several clusters to each server group and, thus, insured server stability. We are doing well right now. But actually, ongoing fast-paced growth in Russia makes me think another mad scramble to keep up with the WoT population is soon to ensue.

We’ve introduced lots of new content and stuff in World of Tanks in 2011. I must admit we were a bit behind our internal schedule at times. But well, you know, our schedules aren’t set in stone: we want to be certain people love what we give them, and we only introduce updates when we are sure they are by all means top-notch and well-balanced. Speaking about our major goals, I can’t but mention full-scale graphics modernization. It’s a burning issue we’ve been tackling since last year.


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