Free-to-Play PC Gaming Leads PAX East

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PC game development is coming back in full force, according to a article.

In particular, they bring up how free-to-play MMOs specifically are a serious new commodity.

“Just a few years ago, free-to-play was associated with the sub-par social games found on Facebook. Today you can find a library of solid free games simply by clicking on a tab on Steam. As evidenced by PAX East, it’s not just a trend, it’s becoming the new standard.”

BigWorld-Powered World of Tanks is leading the pack in a new generation of free-to-play MMOs, containing more action and skill than traditional games of the genre. Gamespy touches on this new emergence in MMO gaming.

“In 2012, MMOs will become skill-based and action-oriented, while still giving us the massive worlds, customization, and loot we love…”

In 38 Studios’  hit Kingdoms of Amalur, they changed conventional RPG gameplay by adding in a robust and intense combat system. With their upcoming sequel to Amalur, BigWorld-Powered MMO Copernicus, we’re curious to see if they keep this action-oriented focus to gameplay, while also including the traditional features of MMOs we’ve come to love.

Read the article in its entirety here.

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  1. PC Gaming says:

    I think the future of PC gaming will be free to play, this will lead to developers trying to make us purchase stuff, which in turn will make them improve the gameplay, it can only be a good thing all round. I spend a lot more money on League of Legends every month than I do World Of Warcraft.

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