Introducing Origins of Malu, Powered by BigWorld Indie

from the MaluainĀ desk

Burning Dog Media has the following to say about their upcoming MMO Origins of Malu, now being developed on BigWorld’s indie license.

“We have licensed Bigworld Technologies for the development of Origins of Malu…we feel that it was the best choice for the direction of the game.”

Origins of Malu is a sandbox MMO unlike most of its predecessors. The game features no scripted boss fights, a single persistent changing world, no classes, an intuitive faction system, and even perma-death. This is a unique take on the MMO genre, breaking tradition in a big way.

The idea of perma-death itself is very intriguing. Malu will feature special areas where – if killed – your character is permanently gone. This adds a whole new layer to the game. Risking it all on a character with hundreds of hours logged would be hard to stomach, but with greater risk comes greater reward.

Origins of Malu looks to be a breath of fresh air for the MMO genre, and we’re happy to be behind it.


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