World of Tanks 7.2 Patch Notes

from the Tanks desk has released patch notes for the much-anticipated release of the BigWorld-Powerd World of Tanks 7.2 update.

Of particular relevance are new maps, new American tanks, lots of re-balancing, updated camouflage.

  • Added new maps: Province (a small Italian map) and Live Oaks (first American map).
  • Added American tank destroyers with turning turrets: M8A1, T49, M18, T25-2, and T28 prototype.
  • The T34 is rebalanced and moved to premium vehicles; it is removed from American Tech Tree. M103 substitutes T34 as an American tier 9 heavy tank.
  • The T30 is rebalanced; it becomes becomes an American tier 9 tank destroyer with a turning turret. T110E5 substitutes T30 as an American tier 10 heavy tank.
  • Added one camouflage for each nation.

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