World of Warplanes PAX Impressions

from the Warplanes desk released an article of their first impressions on BigWorld-Powered World of Warplanes, what they are calling’s “biggest game yet.”

In the article, ¬† CEO Victor Kisly added “[World of Warplanes'] budget after one year of development is already higher than all of the flight sims before it combined.”

It looks like this BigWorld-Powered title is shaping up to be to be a great airborne adventure, sparing no expense with the visuals according to Gamespy.

“The terrain I saw in the canyon and island maps looked terrific, with a nooks-and-crannies-level of detail that I was surprised to see given that Warplanes is still in alpha. This one should be a visual stunner by launch, especially for a free-to-play game.” is sure to have yet another another big success in their hands. We’ve seen it in action ourselves and the rumors of its awesomeness are not exaggerated.

Below is some alpha footage of World of Warplanes, see for yourself!

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